četrtek, 04. januar 2018


Lately I dedicated some time also to filming and editing short films about my work in TORA atelier. Here is one example, with English subtitles, so I hope that also all my English speaking friends will be able to follow the work. Please don't forget to subscribe to TORA channel! Thanks for support!

ponedeljek, 01. januar 2018


The 2017 was another intensive year. We in TORA International Bonsai School continued to build our collection, spread the bonsai knowledge, work on customer's trees. We also participated in many exhibitions around the Europe and gave some demonstrations. But our main focus was on trees which came to our atelier. Together with Gašper and TORA apprentice Samo, we worked on more than 200 trees. Thanks for trusting and supporting us! We hope that 2018 will be even more intensive! We wish a healthy and happy New Year to all!

P.S.: This are just some examples of trees we worked on in 2017. Enjoy!