torek, 03. oktober 2017


It is unbelievable how quickly the time flies! It is almost 6 months since my last post here ... Meanwhile so many things happened, so many trees went trough my studio! TORA international bonsai school is on more than ever, If you want to became a part of bonsai life don't hesitate to join us! 
Today I just want to show the story about the spruce from Peter's collection. He brought this tree into the shop in 2014. It is no easy material as all branches grow from upper-left side of the tree. The main feature is shari on the trunk which we want to incorporate into the final design.

Picea abies, August 2014

After first styling the tree didn't look attractive, it had a leggy branches, also the green was too far from the trunk.

Picea abies, August 2014, after first styling

Three years after Peter came back. Now it was time to push the tree at least one step further! :-) So we turned the tree for a few degrees for better front, did a selection on branches for better structure and started wiring. The result was quite pleasant, but we weren't satisfied yet. So we decided to cut the lower part of right branch.

Picea abies, September 2017

Picea abies, September 2014, after second styling

Peter cutting the lowest branch

Picea abies, September 2017, after styling

With that the tree gain some dynamic, and we also managed to incorporate all nice elements of the tree into nice and logic design. So this is the result for now: elegant, dynamic spruce with an interesting story to tell. The spruce will rest over the winter and in spring Peter will re-pot it into the first bonsai pot!

P.S.: It was also time to enjoy a good weather - this is a part of my garden with trees from personal collection.

6 komentarjev:

Anonimni pravi ...

Great nebari on the spruce!

Tomaž Kovšca pravi ...

Which spruce? Peter's spruce? Well, nebari is not great, but good enough. The main feature is, as I wrote above, shari on the trunk. But thanks for comment!

Anonimni pravi ...

Shari on the trunk? Well, that's an understatement if you ask me.

Nevertheless, have you perhaps drawn a sketch of a future image planned for this tree regarding the canopy? Will it be possible to fill it out. I mean, it is quite on the spaghetty side, as you have menioned yourself.

Tomaž Kovšca pravi ...

No, I didn't draw a sketch, but even without it I know how far this tree can go. ;-) It is still extremely young as far as bonsai training is concerned (just three years), but thanks for the comment! (even though I would really prefer if you don't write comments as anonymous, yes I know, I know ... :-) )

Anonimni pravi ...

Since you clearly avoid a direct answer I'll ask like this: will this spruce ever bud back? Will the long branches fill out or will the greenery stay, like now, only on the tips of the branches?


Tomaž Kovšca pravi ...

Simon! Yes, this spruce will bud back, since this species has no problem budding from old wood. Even now (in just three years) some of the branches were shortened for more than 20 cm. But I don't see the urgent need for back-budding on this particular tree, maybe just a little on the lower left branches, because I consider the empty space very important in final design. Too much green and the crown can be easily to heavy for this elegant trunk.